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Standard Service Call - $95:  If you have a pool table that has not been serviced in a few years and it feels like it might be out of level or your not getting the proper rebound angles off of the rails like you used to.....this is the service for you. We do a complete pool table inspection checking the pockets, seams, rails, cushions, slate level, hardware, etc.  We will level the table at the legs, straighten and square the rails, tighten any visible loose hardware, and make any repair suggestions we see that the table may need beyond the standard services.  If the pool table has been moved around without proper disassembly, had it's shimmed removed from under the legs, or has been tilted up or shifted for flooring replacement may require an Advanced Service Call described below.

Advanced Service Call - $195:  With this type of service call, you get a much more in depth re-leveling and tune-up process than with the standard one.  If the pool table has been moved around without proper disassembly, had it's shims removed from under the legs, or has been tilted up and shifted for flooring replacement, it most likely will require this service.  When the pool table is moved around improperly, even just a small distance, this can cause the three individual pieces of slate to shift.  Once this happens, there is no way to get pool table completely level again unless it is partially disassembled and the slate pieces are reset to level.  With this service, the pool table will be partially disassembled by removing the rails, pockets, skirts, and felt so that the three pieces of slate are exposed.  If there is any existing plaster or Bondo filler on the table seams and in the slate screw holes, it will be scraped away and drilled out to be refilled properly with beeswax later in the service.  Depending on what the table requires from that point, we may adjust and add to existing shims both under the legs and slate to get everything back to a perfectly level playing surface.  In some more severe cases, we may actually remove the slate and all existing shims to get a fresh start.  Once the entire playing surface is leveled, we will apply top quality 100% beeswax to the seams and fill any screw holes that are not covered by the rails.  The felt will then be re-stretched across the playing surface and tightened in any areas where it may have loosened over time.  The rails, pockets, and skirts will be reinstalled, straightened, and squared so you are left with a fully functioning, perfectly level pool table ready to play almost immediately upon completion.

**In some rare cases, the pool table felt may not be re-useable.  If this is the case, you will be notified of the issue before the felt is ever removed so that a decision can be made on how to proceed with the service**