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Thank you very much for viewing this page before your service appointment.  The information provided below will give you a good understanding of how to prepare for our services so that we can operate as efficiently and professionally as possible.  We realize that there is a lot to view on this page; however, it is very important that you do go over every item as most people are very surprised to see exactly how much work goes into servicing a pool table.

1)  If your scheduled service involves your pool table moving, either with-in the home where it is currently located or from one residence to another, please scroll down and read over our "Moving Service Preparation" part of this page after reviewing this section.

2)  Please make sure to be aware of your services start time or range.  If you are set up for the 1st appointment of the day (which is most cases is 7am), unless there is some major incident on the way to your home we will be there right on time, sometimes even 10-15 minutes early.  If you are set up for 2nd appointment (9am-12pm range) or 3rd appointment (11am-2pm range), please make sure that you are readily available for us to arrive at any time within the range you are given and that you keep your phone close.  We will call you at least 30-45 minutes ahead of our arrival time.

3)  Once we arrive at your home, we will always come inside and inspect your pool table before getting started; so please have both the top of the table and underneath it completely free of any stored items or debris, as well as about a 4ft - 5ft area clear around the perimeter of the pool table.  We have a lot of tools and require a good amount of space to operate.  If your pool table is being relocated within your home or being assembled for the first time, please make sure to have the area where you want your pool table to be built chosen and measured out prior to our arrival.  We will help you with the exact placement of the pool table within the area that you want it to go and make sure you are getting the most out of the space available, but please do not wait until we arrive for the service to start deciding where you want the pool table located.

4)  If there are going to be any floors in your home that you are not comfortable with us walking across while wearing our shoes, either back and forth between the entry door and the pool table, or around the area where we will working and setting up our tools, please have them covered prior to our arrival.  The floor covering must be somewhat non-slip and if you do choose to cover any stairways, please be sure to use something that somewhat adheres to the flooring.  We work with a lot of heavy tools, large equipment, and sharp objects and will not remove our shoes for safety reasons.  Due to the many trips we make in and out of the home with our hands full, shoe coverings do not work either.  We do carry enough 3'x15' drop cloths to cover your flooring from the entry door to the basement door for days where we experience rain or snow and we also check our shoes to make sure they are dry and clean before entering your home, but you will be primarily responsible for covering your floors, especially when new flooring is installed in the pool table area.

5)  Please have all animals secured and children clear of the working and walking area for the service.  Not only do we carry around large and extremely heavy objects that range from 50 pound tool bags to 250 pound pieces of slate, but we also work with power drills, razor blades, electric staplers, torches (for melting beeswax), and fume heavy adhesives.  We will not service in an area where animals are not secured and children are present for both our & their own protection.  Thank you for your understanding.

6)  We will never tell you that you can not watch and observe us work during a service appointment.  That being said, please understand that this is our job.  We perform services on pool tables all day, everyday, and though playing on them is a lot of fun, moving them around and working on them sometimes is not.  It takes a great deal of concentration when installing the felt on playing surface, rails, and pocket areas as well as good communication between my partner and I when assembling, leveling, and performing the final touches on the pool table.  We know that you and your family are most likely very excited about your pool table being moved/serviced/installed, but please try to let us do our job free of any distractions.  We will communicate with you throughout the service if and when your are needed for certain tasks such as proper positioning of the pool table and felt color choice.  Once the service is complete, we will go over everything with you including leveling and maintenance tips for the pool table and answer any questions you have at that time.  Again, we thank you for your understanding.

1)  As previously mentioned, please be aware of your service's start time or range.  Make sure that your driveway or the area where we will be parking/loading/unloading is open and free of debris.  Please have any vehicles moved out of the way prior to our arrival so that we can back right in, open up the truck and trailer, and get started.

2)  SNOW & ICE REMOVAL - Prior to our arrival, all snow and ice must be 100% cleared on the parking area/driveway that we will using to load and unload at both service locations as well as on any stairways, walkways, or other paths we may be using to move the pool table pieces in and out of the residences.  This includes making sure these areas are both shoveled and salted.  We will not move a pool table across unsafe surfaces and we will not sit and wait for those surfaces to be cleared without additional cost.  Special Note:  If your moving service is scheduled on a day that we end up getting either a snowstorm or in some cases, an extremely heavy wind/thunder/rain storm, please be prepared to reschedule your service date.  For safety reasons, we will not attempt to move pool tables on days that are confirmed to get an accumulation of snow.  Occasionally, due to extremely heavy rains or high winds, we may also have to reschedule the move for another date.  We can't have trailer doors flying off or rain soaked blankets and pool table parts.  That being said, we also won't cancel your move for just any old rain storm, it will have to be some pretty extreme weather for that to happen.

3)  When moving a pool table, we typically choose the path that involves the least amount of sharp turns and is the shortest distance from the pool table area to the truck or vice versa.  That being said, we may also choose multiple paths in and out of the residence depending on the size and weight of certain pieces of the pool table.  As mentioned above, if there are any floors that you do not want us walking across with are shoes on, please have them covered prior to our arrival (see #4 under General Service Preparation for specific details).  Also, make sure to have the area on top of, underneath, and around the pool table as well as all paths in and out of the residence completely clear of any debris and stored items (see #3 under General Service Preparation for specific details).

4)  Occasionally, due to the size and weight of the pool table pieces as well as any moving conditions such as sharp corners or stairways, you may see us moving very slowly, getting red in the face, sweating profusely, and maybe making some grunting noises.  We are professionals and have dealt with some of the heaviest slate and largest pool table frames ever built; moving them into areas that people find hard to believe we were even able to fit everything, so please do not be alarmed or jump in to lend a helping hand.  My partner and I have a system and way of tilting and adjusting slate and frames depending on the moving circumstances.  You have our guarantee that everything will go smoothly and none of your walls or personal belongings will be damaged throughout the process of the move as long as we are left to do it our way and by ourselves.

5)  If your pool table is either being moved to storage or being left disassembled somewhere, please be prepared to have some moving blankets (usually anywhere between 4-8 blankets) for the finished pieces of the pool table to be wrapped in or put on top of.  We will always transport the pool table pieces completely wrapped in our own moving blankets, however, everything gets unwrapped at our destination and we obviously keep our blankets.  Also make sure to have a large enough and clear area for us to properly stack and secure all pieces of the table prior to our arrival to the storage location.  Please do not wait for the day of the service to clear out a space in you storage area.  Also, the slate is typically best left to lean on a wall for easy access and lifting later on with all the rest of the table frame and pieces stacked and leaned up in front of it.  A disassembled table usually takes up about an 8-9ft long area by 2-3ft wide area.